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Gulf Packaging is a leading distributor of industrial packaging equipment and materials to companies across North America. Since 1977 our experienced Packaging Specialists and large stocking warehouses have assured that our customers will have the material they need when they need it. Contact one of our Gulf Packaging representatives at a location near you to learn more about our products, service, and competitive prices.
  • Strapping

    Strapping materials are used for securing and stabilizing loads. We offer plastic strapping for light and medium loads and steel for heavy loads. more »

  • Stretch Film

    Stretch film is a plastic material that wraps tightly around loads to provide stability and tamper protection. We offer films for application by hand, or machinery. more »

  • Shrink Film

    Shrink film is applied loosely to goods and shrinks tight when heat is applied. This material provides protection and tamper evidence to enclosed items. more »

  • Adhesive Tape

    Pressure-sensitive or water-activated adhesive, plastic or paper backed, hand or machine applied, tape is the universal packaging material for shipping docks and packaging lines. more »

  • Marking/Labeling Products

    Let Gulf Packaging be your source for marking and labeling products. We carry spray inks, paints, markers, stencil products, and labels. more »

  • Strapping Machines

    Strapping machines offer easy application of strapping materials. We have a wide range of strapping machines to meet your specific needs. more »

  • Stretch Wrap Machines

    Stretch wrap machines allow easy application of stretch materials to your loads. We offer a large range of automatic and semi-automatic machinery models. more »

  • Shrink Wrap Machines

    Shrink wrap machines apply shrink film to wrap and cover pallets of goods. Call today to learn about our range of models and schedule an in-plant evaluation and demonstration. more »

  • Carton Equipment

    Case erectors, tape machines, void fill dispensers, and automated closing and sealing machines dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of your packaging operation. more »

  • Used Equipment

    Gulf Packaging offers pre-owned, lease-return, and certified reconditioned packaging equipment. Inventory will vary at each location. more »